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I use this service all the time if I were to setup with a broker I would have to wait for the carrier packet to come in. That is usually 20 pages or so. Print it out, fill it out, initial each page then fax it back. Call my insurance company to have them fax my insurance certificate. After all that I would have to wait until they approve me and send me the rate agreement. This all take at least 2 hours and most times more. Trucking dispatch has my info I just tell them if I want the load they are offering me and they do the rest for me. I even have them to do the invoice for the load for $8 I don’t have to care about that either.

Miami, FL

I take a shower, eat and go to sleep. In the morning I wake up, check my email and there's the rate agreement and address of my next load waiting for me that trucking dispatch sent to me.

Gainesville, FL

If I drive 10 hours, 600 miles then unload in 100+ plus heat then find a place to park dying to eat something and have some rest. The LAST thing I want to do is find a load and paperwork!!!!

Springfield, IL
​         1 (800) 505-3152
​         1 (800) 505-3152