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Questioning yourself if an independent truck dispatching service is for you? 

With our truck dispatching services we will book truck loads for you while you are on the road.  We will find truck loads for your truck(s) twenty four hours a day and keep your truck(s) loaded. At Trucking Dispatch Services we negotiate the highest freight rates for any truck loads we can on your behalf and take care of any problems that may arise while on the road. Once we convey the best freight rates for you and your fleet, we will notify you of your freight load options and you make the final decision.. We offer 24 hour truck dispatching service and we will be there for all your needs that may arise. Your van and refrigerated trucks will be occupied and loaded, whether you have 1 truck or many.
 The result: Trucking Dispatch Service helps make your life as a trucker or small trucking business owner easier and more satisfying.  Your time will be optimized as we can usually send you truck loads to the locations you want. You will have less down time in between loads. You will increase your profits and be in control. Tell us when you want to be at home. With Truck Dispatching Services you can organize your time, giving us a time line of when you want to drive, where you want to go with your truck loads, what lanes you prefer, how much you want to make per mile and we will concentrate our efforts in booking truck loads under those parameters. We keep you working and do not leave your trucks stuck for days. We are devoted to all of our truck drivers. For more infor about our services click here
With our truck dispatching service, we will help you to decrease your deadhead miles, you won’t have to deal with paper work or spend hours on the phone negotiating with freight shippers or freight brokers trying to book a truck load. Less stress means happier driving. 
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If you want to make real money and have a dispatching support team do everything for you.... Then you are in the right place.
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Owner/Operators and fleet owners. Take advantage of our monthly discount to new clients 
1-3 trucks - 6.9% cost on the gross price of the load 
4-6 trucks - 5% cost on the gross of the load
7 + trucks please contact our sales department for pricing
​         1 (800) 505-3152